About Us

We're a family-owned business based out of San Diego, CA, and we have passionately grown coral for over 12 years.  We offer tank-raised, aquacultured corals shipped nationwide.

We're committed to the health and quality of our corals.  Each new specimen is dipped, inspected, and quarantined to ensure it's and virtually pest-free.  After quarantine is complete, it's added to our grow-out system an eventually offered for sale.

About Ted

Since the age of 3 I’ve been fascinated by aquarium life—saltwater especially. Fast forward to today and it’s turned into a passion for collecting, growing, and fragging coral.  My mission is to provide our customers with killer corals and personalized service. Thanks for visiting our site, and I hope we get to serve you!

If you have any questions, please text or call us at (619) 693-8875. 

Ted Dulay



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